I Wanna Be..

When all happy and free..how joyous life could be.. 🙂

I wanna be


Days in Creation

There are days when all feels nothing

That all you want to do is just run sprinting, skip it as far behind

Even to breathe is just choking to your lung

We all knows how terrifying those days are

“The nightmares are in our brains”

Then there are days that gets so sweet

Too sweet that you sure it’s gonna be a part of an evil scheme

But it’s not

It’s just that, sweet

We often amazed by how funny days could be, each day

One day you’re on the top of the world

And the other, just plainly sucks

To me, those goods and bad is just part of my own creation

Creation of the mind I say

I can sit around all day feeling unworthy,

or I can still sit around and start piling the worth of it all

I choose

Even to the most sucks part of my life

When I’m sure there’s gonna be a real hard lesson that I could take

And that’s gonna be rainbow after the rain

Then I could, dance..and feels most sexy in the rain!


Live it up! Embrace all those days! It’s ours to make 😉