No Perfection is just Perfect

I’m not perfect, as I am just a human being

I make mistakes, most likely from the choices I made, and by the human feelings I’m attached to

I often doubt my future, as I often doubt whether to eat salad or steak

I worry too, specially for the unknown, or by the worst probability theories of how it might end badly

There’s also times when I cried my lungs out and just beg that I don’t have to experience certain pain that I must go through

Sometimes I have a too high expectations on people, or things, and at life, til disappointments after disappointments made me numb, well.. I thought I was.

But then life keeps moving, even after that lightning thunder, whether will there be rain or storm,
To rainbows or nothing at all, it just keeps rolling

So I have no other choice but to get it together, catch up, and run forward each time I could
To have doubts or be convinced, then have it both wrong, it doesn’t matter
As long as I know I make choices, and face it no matter what

After all, life is a test anyway
From bad choices I know I can learn
And by not expecting it to be perfect, turns out is just perfect


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