Re-Creating Myself Never Ends

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I first starting to blog, and means it’s been 2 years since my amazing experience in rehab. Wow to me!

Last Sept 5th was also my birthday, my 33th birthday. Quite an old age for a young girl..LOL. 

I can say now that my life has finally becomes more normal than I thought it could. Life has become more and more beautiful each day. It’s beautiful to see myself to be able to be a real human being, complete with different kinds of emotions and challenges each day, or zero of those on a so-so day, but isn’t wonderful?? The most beautiful gift to be a human being is that we can feel, and think, and do something about it, or not, and just repeat, then think, then really set our actions to deal with it, so the insanity pattern breaks off. 

 I wish I could share every single detail of what the psychiatrists at the recovery facility had taught me. There’s so many useful programs and personal approaches they’ve taught me that helps me get my life back. It indeed takes works, and the work shall never ends. 

One thing, I agree in terms recovery rather than rehab, since it indeed recovers what I don’t want to ‘restored’ back in my life, such as my past time insanity.

Like a quote I heard many times there, “It works if you work it”, and by the quote I read somewhere “Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about CREATING yourself”, which makes perfect sense for me. It’s true, cos it’s indeed tiresome to ‘try finding something out’, while I could always just do it all over again, differently. I know when I’m doing it the right way, the end result would be rewarding, satisfying, and most importantly, brings in the peace within. 

 I know different people chases different things in life, but again, in the end of the day people are looking for the feeling at ease, that we’ve made it, so it makes us happy. 

Happiness, it always comes back to that feeling, isn’t it? It’s what our brain needs, so our body could function better. “Happiness is an inside job“, and for this, I’m going to keep re-creating my own self, my own mind, for peace within.