Mind Games

Do you know that the most ‘demonic’ part of your organ is your brain?

As silly to say but to me it is.

When we’re in an un-easy state, do you recognize how many ‘bad statements’ coming out of our brain? Then we’re gonna think that it’s our ‘condition’ at the moment, that it’s our feelings, our state of mind.

Sometimes we get too frustrated that we let these ‘thoughts’ as our ‘guidance’, and we let it play around in our mind, and drag us all the way.

Do you recognize how your moods, your heart beat, your temper, your point of view, your choices, your energy, affected by those thoughts?

When we’re brokenhearted, seems like these mellow songs or quotes are our best companion, that it speaks right through us, and that it really represents our situation, so we’re busy publishing those ‘statement’ on our social media, hoping that somebody out there will gives us sympathy, and that the ‘villain’ would understand and feel bad from it.

Or else for the cynics, the “screw everybody-this is how I feel”, then the songs or quotes with full of anger and hatred are the best yet to publish.

All of those are exactly coming out from our brain. It has the power to affect our preferences and our actions at the moment.

These thoughts, like a voice over, talking over and over, from all different angles but with the same theme, and it just don’t stop talking.

It has a mind of its own, and it definitely would makes us feel even worse. Alluring us to do things that soon will us regret, or if us don’t, then it will makes us feel more sorrow, and more lonely than before, with no real closure.

When we’re sad, do you notice that your pulse goes slower? And when you’re angry, or panicking, or stressed out, or frustrated, then it pumped out so rapidly?

And not to mention our face, ever notice how it loose it ‘sparks’ when we’re sad, no matter how hard we try to cover it with concealer and make up?

That’s all the brain doing. It affected our blood stream, and our metabolism.

How bad. Too bad.

I don’t recall ‘bad’ situations or ‘bad’ people as my enemy. ‘Bad’ situations or ‘bad’ people never actually has any power to hurt me.

It is the brain who lets it. It is the brain who let their actions and conditions to give affects on me. And as it is our own brain, our own part of body, then it’s actually our own responsibility to control it.

So, are you ready to be your own brain’s master?

Be your own master.

You owe it to yourself