A Little Note to God

No no no

I’m not always tough

I don’t always smile all the time

I’m not always this typical happy go lucky running around free

There’s many dark moments in my life

Many buttons I must swallow, too bitterly

But here I am, and life goes on

These roller coaster rides

Spare me those lowest swirls, what’s new?

Cos when it’s jolted up, I’m flying..

That’s the beauty

Many times I wish I could scream my lungs out to the world I live in

Yet, it’s too beautiful in the end, for whatever

Oh God, the joyrides..

How can it ever gets old?

And these miseries..

How can I avoid to feel lucky?

Magic always rise at the most perfect time

I believe in the odd of the infinite miracles awaits for me

So here I am God, on Your knees

Dragging myself to stay steady

Indeed it’s a struggle

but I’m ready

Thank You God

I Love You


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